Sierra Club gets Dog Beach All Wrong– and Mayor Duffy Duffield Follows Their Lead


It is very well-known that one of the main reasons that Newport Beach is going against Dog Beach under Mayor Duffy Duffield is because the Sierra Club has decided that Dog Beach is bad.

Sierra Club is an environmental activist group who has a track record of being extremely loud but not always very accurate with their conclusions that they jump to.  As an outdoorsman who loves hiking, sailing, boating, camping, and just generally being outdoors, we wanted to make sure that Dog Beach wasn’t somehow negatively affecting anything, so we reached out to them so they could explain their opposition– or, hopefully, to join us in our support of Dog Beach.

We initially emailed their national Executive Director and asked for a call, but he was on vacation.  The Deputy Executive Director replied, and forwarded us to their local chapter.  We wrote to the local chapter, and requested a call.  Instead, we got a lengthy email taking a strong position with zero accurate facts.  We responded in-kind:

If you would like to email them to tell them to leave Dog Beach alone, you can email and — perhaps they will take hundreds of voices more seriously than merely my own.

ALSO: Save the date for a council meeting after work on August 14th (7pm).  It sounds like we have limited time to voice our opinions as there are few council meetings left this year, and the council needs to know that voters don’t approve of Duffy Duffield and Diane Dixon going back on their word to preserve Dog Beach.

And this time… we won’t stop until we win.  Expect a voter initiative to be started, soon.

Please sign the petition, here:



Do not ban off-leash dogs at dog beach!!! Regulars at Dog Beach know that off-leash dogs are not problematic. If, there are some which are, then address the problem dogs.
If there are problems with waste, address those who create those problems.

The public OVERWHELMINGLY supports keeping DOG BEACH a place for DOGS. Newport Beach has some of the longest coastline in Southern California and Dog Beach only accounts for roughly 100 yards. Let dogs have their small stretch of beach.



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