Fire on Saddleback Mountain

If you look in the skies above Newport towards Saddleback Mountain, you have probably seen the– oh, yep, you just saw it.

That plume you see is a massive fire at Holy Jim Canyon on Saddleback Mountain.

It’s a bit outside of Newport but it definitely could affect us if the wind changes with its smoke.

With one of the hottest Julys on record since recordkeeping began, fires are a serious concern right now, so please use extra caution when cooking outside or disposing of things like cigars or cigarette butts.  This began as a brush fire.

News is still developing on this one.  Thank you to SaveNewporters Amanda Kloman, and John Romero for the tips!

From the OC Fire Authority: “700+ acres burning away from OC towards Santiago Peak. OCFA has command of the incident until USFS Incident Management Team arrives.”



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