Dixon Budget
Dixon Budget

Nobody is Running Against Diane Dixon. Want to Run for Council?

At the time of this publishing, Diane Dixon is running unopposed for district one yet again. It is shameful for any politician to run without any opposition, as it strips the voice of the public to voice dissent or opposition.

The process to run takes takes just a few minutes to fill out paperwork, and then collecting 40 signatures to support your nod from registered voters in your district.  Assuming the paperwork is filed today, the signature collecting could easily be done this weekend, and would give Dixon an opponent.

Do you know somebody that would like to run for City Council?  Do you know somebody that doesn’t like unopposed politicians?

The process is free to file in your name will appear on the November ballot against Diane Dixon.

If you live in District 1– which is essentially all of the peninsula up to Huntington Beach on this side of PCH and all of the islands except Balboa Island– and you have been registered to vote there and have been for 30 days, then you are fully qualified to run for Council in our open election system.

But you need to act quickly.  The paperwork must be filled out either today at City Hall.  if you have any interest in running please call me, Mike Glenn, on my cell at 949-229-0096.

Dixon has only been in office for three and a half years.  If she runs unopposed again she will be there for four and a half years.  I am not sure if our city can bear a double-down of Diane Dixon.



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