OC GOP Endorses Diane Dixon

Last night, the Orange County Republican Party endorsed Diane Dixon, who– while she has voted in favor of some very specific tax reductions for herself and her friends– has voted for every single tax increase that she has ever been able to vote on.  She advocated government taking over businesses in the private sector (like killing the Downtowner), seizing property from property owners (like Lights Out at 11), and getting government to interfere in the free market, under her watch.  She spent $260,000 of your money to build a giant Arch saying “Welcome to Balboa”, which can only be seen after driving down Balboa Peninsula, on Balboa Blvd for 3.1 miles towards the Balboa Pier.  Yes: That’s more than the bunnies.  She spent $4m of your money to buy a building that had sold just 18 months prior for less than $2m in order to turn it into a fire station, moving the existing fire station into a more congested traffic area, further away from where 80% of that stations calls currently come from– which will undoubtedly cost Newport lives so that she can pass your money on to her people.

Dixon was recommended unanimously by the OC GOP Endorsement Committee earlier this month 6 to 0, she then went to the general OC GOP Assembly, and was voted in for endorsement, also unanimously.

If you are a Republican, you probably don’t want tax increases, government-run businesses, property seizures, or a politician openly advocating for socialism in Newport Beach.   You’re probably wondering why the party you are associated with is embracing someone like this.

If you are a Democrat, you probably don’t like the fact that she tried to shut down locally-owned bars and restaurants, forced the shuttering of numerous small, locally-owned businesses (including the water jet packs and the Downtowner), and that she has routinely tried to shut down our beloved Dog Beach.

The fact that ANY party wants anything to do with her is jaw-dropping.  The fact that the OC GOP is now openly endorsing candidates with a proven socialist track record speaks more of the blindness, carelessness, or corruption happening on the local level with that party.

Who could have stopped it?  Councilmen Will O’Neill and Scott Peotter were both at the OC GOP endorsement committee did not make a peep to object.

What’s this mean, exactly?  Well, seeing as how the Dog Beach is being attacked under Mayor Duffy Duffield and he has routinely refused to stop the attacks, and seeing as how Jeff Herdman recently distributed an email stating that he is now “all alone” (when Dixon used to be helping him), and given the Monday episode where Dixon refused to delay a vote on the City Manager until after the election– it appears that Dixon has rejoined “Team Newport”– the same team that she publicly accused of acting immorally.  I guess that shows her values.

I guess that shows the values of the OC GOP.

I guess that shows the values of those who stood by and did nothing.

As always, you can change your party or register to vote, here: http://savenewport.com/vote/




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