The Heatwave Continues… for Two More Weeks!

With the average high in Newport coming out at 72 degrees, these last few weeks teetering in the upper 80s (and even breaking 100 in some areas) has been sweltering– especially for a population that doesn’t often have air conditioning.

But if the forecast from weather.com is correct, we aren’t going to have much of an escape for the next two weeks, at all, with temperatures staying in the 80s in the daytime, and even at night, still staying in the 70s:

The good news is that we are still getting some decent wind on each of these days, coming in at between 8 and 10 miles per hour– but I’ve already taken the fans out of storage and I plan on keeping em on as a standard until this heat breaks!  So if you’re the type who likes to sweat out a day or two of the heat– just know that this is going to be here for a while… while I’m sure that the local stores are probably sold out of fans, you can always go to Amazon or eBay to have them shipped straight to your door!

This might be a good time to reconnect with your friend who has a pool 🙂



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