Flooding by Catalina Kurt
Flooding by Catalina Kurt

Flood Warning, King Tides TODAY

Streets flooded during highest tide in decades, just as the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a Flood Advisory until 11pm on Saturday.

Yesterday, the prelude to King Tides may have been showing up the King Tides themselves (scheduled for today) with a swell from Hurricane Fabio.

Yesterday’s tides were scheduled to be 6’7– not small by any stretch, but still nothing compared to the 6’11 tides expected today.  But the hurricane swell may have pushed them over the edge, flooding areas such as the historic district near Fun Zone and Balboa Saloon, as well as the bridge to Newport Island and the areas around 38th street, prompting city workers to respond with portable pump-out rigs, dumping the water back into the ocean.

The high tide today will occur at 9:08pm, bringing a monster 6’11 tide– any swells from the hurricane during this time could easily breach seawalls in those locations and others.
Tomorrow’s high tide will come in at 6’9 at 9:55pm

Attached are an assortment of photos and video captured by SaveNewporter Devin Seaver– many thanks to Devin for keeping an eye on his neighborhood, and for the quick reporting.  We sincerely hope that nobodys home had any water damage.  It looks like the water level was coming right up to the garage-level, but hopefully was not high enough to enter.  We hope there were none who were affected yesterday, and while it is definitely a unique event, we hope any repeats today are somehow avoided– what a crazy tide!

The next King Tide is not expected until August 10th, and then we are clear for the rest of the year.

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