Ben Carlson Unveiling - Cover by Jamie Dow
Ben Carlson Unveiling - Cover by Jamie Dow

4 Years Ago Today, We Lost Lifeguard Ben Carlson

On July 6, 2014, Ben Carlson was lost off the shores of Newport while on-duty as a Lifeguard of Newport Beach.  His act of heroism effected people well beyond the reaches of Newport Beach.

Today, waves are huge, approaching 10 feet in the normal spots and nearly double that at the Wedge, the sun is beating down on us pushing the heat to nearly 100 degrees, and there are a lot of things that are very similar to that fateful day 4 years ago.

In honor of Ben, and in-message with the Ben Carlson Foundation, please be safe on the water today.  Don’t put yourself or our lifeguards at undue risk– the waters are very heavy today.

We thank Ben once again for his service and his selfless sacrifice.




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