Balboa's Wedge, photo credit unknown
Balboa's Wedge, photo credit unknown

10 FOOT Waves, High Heat on Thursday and Friday!

Today, Surfline is reporting a forecast of TEN FOOT waves at the Wedge… so you know what that means!  The structure of The Wedge often double those sizes, and is sure to attract a ton of tourists– especially after the 4th of July– so if you want to check it out, consider a rideshare or riding a bike.

The Swells are supposed to be coming from a 4.3ft from the South, and a 1.1ft from the SSW.
Peak tides for today and tomorrow are:

THURSDAY (temp: 80; wind: 12mph; peak waves: 9am=7ft; noon=9ft; 6-9pm 10ft)
High tides 1:51am & 4:01pm
Low tides 8:50am & 10:10pm

First light 5:18am
Sunlight 5:47am
Sunset 8:06pm
Last light 8:35pm
FRIDAY (temp: 93; wind: 13mph; waves: Midnight-9am=10ft; Noon-6pm=9ft; 9pm=8ft

High tide 3:16am & 4:47pm
Low tide 9:39am & 11:34pm

First light 5:19am
Sunrise 5:47am
Sunset 8:06pm
Lastlight 8:35pm

Remember, with big waves come equally big Rip Currents, so warn others of their presence and know how to identify them and deal with them.  There is a High Surf Advisory until Friday at 9pm.  These are very similar conditions that led to the storm which took the life of Lifeguard Ben Carlson on July 6th, just four years ago.

Above all, have fun safely in the water, or from the shore and please don’t be the one that needs rescuing.



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