A Day to Remember

Today, let us remember the time in which we rebelled against an oppressive government that did not represent the interests of its own people, taxed too much, and did not allow for personal liberty. Through a violent bloody revolution against many of our friends, neighbors, and even our own families, we secured freedom… for the first time in recorded history.

The efforts and sacrifices made during that time just 242 years ago were enormous, and completely unprecedented in the history of the globe. Many people have argued for years that we have lost these freedoms, but today feel free to celebrate in remembrance peacefully without fireworks (that’s against the law) and also make sure that you don’t step out into the public areas with an alcoholic beverage (that’s against the law) or step out onto public land once you’ve had a few to drink on private land (that’s against the law) and also make sure you don’t play your music too loud (that’s against the law). Newport Beach’s Loud and Unruly Gathering Ordinance (LUGO) ensures that you are not free to have any more than 7 friends at your house if you have “excessive noise”– like music or a sports game– on this day we celebrate freedom from an oppressive government.

Police are bringing in other officers from cities outside Newport Beach to enforce these laws, so they may not be as friendly as our local PD. There have been reports in the past of those officers being too aggressive. If you see this, *record it*, and we can permanently fix that problem. You are protected by Supreme Court cases in being able to do so.

Stay safe, stay humble, stay LEGAL today, and if you’re drinking don’t drive drunk, don’t cause fights, don’t be a jerk, and always tip your bartenders!

We are all in this together.

If you are looking for info on what’s going on today, remember we have that for you, right here: http://savenewport.com/2018/06/27/newports-4th-everything-you-need-in-one-spot/



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