4th Annual Citizen Flag Raising for the 4th

Back in 2015, the good folks at Toddland along with their friends and family (me included!) raised enough money in just $20 donations to buy and raise a monster flag at the start of Balboa Peninsula, right between Malarky’s and Newport BrewCo.

Monday morning, it was raised for the fourth time, in honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday.  While the storage of the flag is a minor encumbrance, finding a way to hoist it up and lower it each year is the real problem, especially with a busy street and minimal yet heavily trafficked sidewalk space.  Through the generous help from local Newport Beach residents and businesses, the group was able to put it up this year at no additional cost.

Special thanks to everyone who continues to make this happen each year– your contributions are always appreciated.

Main photo is the stock photo from 2015.

New photo:

, below:



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