Your Vote Counts
Your Vote Counts

TODAY is Voting Day! Here’s where to vote!

TODAY is Voting Day!  Share this with your friends to make sure they know where to turn in a ballot.

YOUR VOTING LOCATION MAY HAVE CHANGED.  You can find your current voting location by plugging in your address, here:

If you are too far from your ballot-casting location, you can visit any one of these and ask for a provisional ballot, but it is highly recommended that you cast at your assigned location.

I am not planning on voting in all contests for this ballot; I only vote for the people who I know and like.  It is my policy not to vote for evil by choosing “the lesser of two evils”, because all that does is ensure that evil will always win, and I don’t take wild guesses with my votes on people based only on policy or ballot statements.   You are, of course, free to do as you choose.  So feel free to do what you think is best with my recommendations above, or to add and subtract from them as you see fit– or even vote against them all if you don’t like my positions!  But here is the list of who I am voting for, whatever you decide to do, please get out there and VOTE!  Your vote deserves to be heard!

Prop 68: NO.
“First, of the $4 billion dollar bond, only $1.3 billion is actually dedicated to improving parks. A lot of the remaining money is given to politicians to spend on their pet projects.”

Prop 69: YES
We should make a law that mandates that taxes collected for roads are actually spent on roads. I am opposing the written opposition by Moorlach on this one, as his argument is absolutely lacking any solid points. This is unusual for him, but I can’t see why anyone should vote “no” on Prop 69 based on his argument, nor anything else I’ve read about it.

Prop 70: NO
Previous mandates on voting minimums did not result in gridlock or responsible spending, but instead have resulted in huge taxpayer giveaways to certain politicians in order to secure their votes. This is not a pattern that should be prompted to continue.

Prop 71 YES
This means that 5 days after a statewide voter initiative is passed, it becomes constitutionally active, rather than the can being kicked for weeks, months, or years after-the-fact. This is a good idea, and the opposition to this– even on the ballot itself– is virtually non-existent.

Prop 72 YES
Lowering taxes is always good, and having backup plans for drought should be encouraged.

I am voting for Travis Allen (R) for governor. I realize that this is California the odds of any Republican winning are near-zero, but Allen has the proven chops to do the job.  I am voting for good, even if “good” has a chance in winning which is roughly the same as a California Republican winning the Governor position in 2018. Oh, wait…

CONGRESS (48th):
If you are a Republican, you should be voting for Dana Rohrabacher. The only Republican alternative is quite literally sending a lobbyist to DC who has a long history of lying and manipulation.

If you are a Democrat and marijuana rights are important to you, know that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher— yes, a Republican– was the person who authored and pushed the bill through Congress to remove the federal government from California, ensuring states rights and unfettered access to this substance, as long as it is done acceptably within the state law.  He literally stood up to the “powers that be” during a time when everyone thought it was impossible, and secured your rights to access.

CA State Assembly: Matt Harper.
Even though Matt Harper seemed not to know what the 9th and 10th Amendments are, his overall votes have been far above average. If he votes against Net Neutrality based on ignoring the 9th and 10th amendments, I will change my position on him, permanently.

OC Supervisors: Michelle Steel, hands-down.

Orange County Accessor – Claude Parrish

Orange County Clerk-Recorder – Hugh Nguyen

Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector – Shari Fredenrich

Orange County Sheriff – Dave Harrington

Orange County Board of Education Trustee, Area 5 – Lisa Sparks

–END– — Now go vote! 🙂



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