Just Plane Lucky!

A plane which lost power made a successful and injury-free landing at the corner of Newland and Hamilton in Huntington Beach approximately 4:45 p.m. today.

Traffic is currently being rerouted in the area, but thankfully everyone is safe and the plane appears to have no physical damage.

Details are emerging and this post will be added here as new information comes in, so check back frequently for updates.

UPDATE 1 @8:40pm 6/1: The plane looks to be registered to “JG CAPITAL HOLDINGS LLC”, out of Los Angeles (ref: https://flightaware.com/resources/registration/N375CS), a small company (under 10 employees) which was founded in 2012 and proclaims its specialties to be in “Technology, Cloud Services, Software, and Equity Research” (ref: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jg-capital/), and the 2014-model, 4-seater Cessna plane was purchased by them on Feb 6, 2015.

The flight records (ref: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n375cs) indicate multiple short flights today (24m at 3:24pm, 10m at 4:25pm, and the final flight, an 11-minute ride which began at 4:43pm and ended at 4:54pm), indicating that testing was likely being done with the plane before it came down just 5 miles from John Wayne Airport, where all of its flights began today.

The pilot, who survived without injury, was the only person aboard.

From the flight data’s calibrated altitude, it looks like the problems began just 5 minutes into the flight, when it dropped to just 125ft above the ground at 4:51pm, before climbing back to 825 feet, and then eventually landing on the roadway.




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