4-Alarm Fire on Balboa Peninsula

At 12:29pm today, a four-alarm fire was reported at Balboa Blvd on Balboa Peninsula.  Firefighters responded and the neighbors and local community had already evacuated the residents, reported to be in their 80s and 90s.
While the cause of the fire officially remains a mystery, several reports have speculated that it was caused by an out-of-control BBQ which eventually ignighted the propane tank, causing a fireball explosion seen in the video below.
Thankfully, all reports on the ground so far indicate that there were no injuries.
Please take this as a good time to remind everyone to check the batteries on their smoke detectors.  If this had happened and caught another residence on fire while people were sleeping, things could have gotten very bad very quickly.
Our thoughts are with our neighbors on Balboa Blvd and if there is a GoFundMe or something similar to help them  get back  on their  feet, we will update this story accordingly.
Please see the videos and photos below, by local residents Peter T., Jason Swan, and Chris Clarizo, as well as our fire fighters which responded with a whopping 8 units and were able to successfully contain the blaze.
Warning: explicit language in videos below:




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