Mr Irrelevant is Ready for Newport Beach!

Of the countless people vying for the position, Trey Quinn was selected for the NFL.  He was the final person who made the cut, joining an impressive league of the most elite football players on earth.  However, he was picked as the last of the elite, which always makes for a good ribbing.  In Newport Beach, we lovingly call it…

Mr Irrelevant.

Since 1976, Newport Beach has hosted the Irrelevant Week, with the “winners” of this title bringing their friends and family to our Southern California beach town to enjoy a golf tournament, a regatta, the inevitable roast, and the presentation of the “Lowsman Trophy”– a trophy similar to the Heisman, but with one minor difference, pictured here:

Lowsman Trophy
Lowsman Trophy

The trophy winner is also invited to guest bartend at a sportsbar, which has yet to be announced since the closure of Rudy’s at the end of the peninsula.

While the annual “Irrelevant Week” has not yet been announced, (in prior years, it was the beginning of July), we’d like to congratulate the winner, Trey Quinn, who booked 1,236 yards and 13 touchdowns on a nation-leading 114 catches during his one season at SMU, threw a no-hitter during the 2008 Little League World Series, and proclaims he “set every record that [he] stepped foot in at every place” during his career so far, Mr Quinn definitely has something that he wants to prove to the world.  So don’t be surprised if you get surprised.  Other “Mr. Irrelevants” have included:

JIM FINN (1999),
RYAN HOAG (2003),
and RYAN SUCCOP (2009)

Maybe this year’s Mr Irrelevant ain’t so irrelevant after all.



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