Balboa Island Garage Sale
Photo taken by Balboa Island resident Dan Falzetti on 5/22/2017

28th Annual Balboa Island Garage Sale: SATURDAY

This Saturday, April 21 will be the 28th annual Balboa Island Garage Sale put on by Carolyn Carr-Kamps.  The tradition begins at 7:30am and will officially end at 2pm– though the ones who sell out of their goods will surely begin to close before that!

Another tradition that continues is from everyone who has learned the hard way here: Get there early!!

Parking will most certainly be problematic so if you don’t get there in time, consider riding your bike or taking an Uber/Lyft/Taxi instead.  The sale will occur in the alleys throughout Balboa, but particularly those lining Marine Ave.

Enjoy!  And… see you there?!



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