Rocket Launch Thursday @ 7:19pm

UPDATE: This flight has been delayed, with the next tenative time being at 10:19 a.m on Friday, according to  This will not be nearly the show that a 7:19pm launch would give– but it should be fun to watch, either way!

Remember the SpaceX launch last year that created the picture seen above?  On Thursday, March 29 at 7:19:49pm, a Falcon 9 SLC-4E Vehicle will launch the Iridium Next commercial communications satellites 41-50.

The launch will occur from Southern California’s Vandenberg Airforce Base, which can be seen by looking towards Long Beach from whereever you are located in Newport.

Since liftoff will occur after sunrise, the rocket’s bright orange flame could be visible for more than 100 miles.  If the cloud cover permits, this should be good fodder for a Friday chat at the water cooler!




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