Beach Cleanup: Sunday March 11th

Next Sunday, Dory Deli will be doing a beach cleanup event near the Newport Pier next to Tower 22.  The original beach Dory Deli cleanup started shortly after their opening, and was on Jan 9th back in 2016, and they all have seen great success.

In addition to the normal littering kooks that frequent the beaches, as the winter rains wash trash down the Santa Ana river, that trash gets washed ashore on our community beaches in such volume that it literally requires organized community events to get rid of.  Dory Deli stepped up to the task and has partnered with other local groups such as Board Club, the Ben Carlson Memorial and Scholarship Foundation, The Chamber in Newport Beach, Newport Beach Elementary Foundation, the Newport Heights Foundation, Big Brother Big Sisters, and Incipio to pool their resources and keep our beaches clean.

Coffee, hot chocolate, and everything you need to pick up and dispose of unsightly and dangerous debris that has gathered on our shores, including bags, gloves, and trash disposal.

So bring yourself– and maybe a couple of friends as well– and join everyone from 9am until noon, stretch your legs our beaches and when you are done, enjoy the fruits of your labor: A clean and beautiful Newport Beach… just the way it should be!



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