Boat Auction
Boat Auction

Boat Auction on Friday Morning!

Get your “new-to-you” boat here– for cheap!  On Friday, February 16th, 2018 starting at 8am until 9am, you can view the boats to be auctioned at 9am by the Orange County Sheriff Harbor Patrol.
Minimum bids vary with each vessel, but this is a CASH ONLY event, so bring cash, as payment is immediately due after the auction.

The address for the event is:
1901 Bayside Drive
Corona del Mar 92625

Up for auction thanks to the rough winds knocking watercraft loose into the harbor, there are 43 watercraft (50% more than normal) including tons of paddleboards and kayaks, several inflatables, and even powerboats, including a 31-foot sailboat.

The full list is as follows:

9 infl. 8-15’. CF8939KR, CF2520SB, CF8523UM, CF0340SB, CF8234UF, CF1122SK,
18 kayaks 6-16’.
3 dinghies 10-12’. CF8312UX, CF5605EM.
8’ sabot CF1691CR.
24’ Jensen Marine sb CF3838CH.
10’ Glaspar CF5054CA.
15’ Larson pwr CF8513EJ.
28’ Chris Craft pwr CF1525CB.
20’ Skipjack pwr CF5137GH.
12’ pwr CF5230GC.
8’ and 12’ runabt CF6403GC CF2459CY.
12’ SPCNS pwr CF5368UP.
7’ pedal boat.
24’ outrigger canoe.
12’ canoe.
4 skiffs 8’.
3 rowboats 8-12’.
9 SUP 10-12’.

From the city of Newport:
Viewing will be open on Friday, February 16th, 2018, between 8 and 9 a.m. at the Orange County Sheriff, Harbor Department. Vessels sold as is, where is. Minimum bid varies with vessel. CASH ONLY IMMEDIATELY AFTER AUCTION. VESSELS MUST BE REMOVED BY 5 PM ON DAY OF AUCTION.

The Harbor Patrol must retain the CF registered vessels following auction for a 10-day redemption period before vessels are released to the successful bidder. The winning bidder is responsible for removing vessel from the Harbor Patrol facility by 5:00 PM, the day following the end of the redemption period.



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