Photo of a King Tide by Matthew Zamiska
Photo of a King Tide by Matthew Zamiska

King Tides Start Friday, and Peak Sunday/Monday

King Tides are coming to Newport Beach, bringing the highest tides of the entire year.

So far, our largest tides have measured 6ft 9.6inchess (above 0.0ft — standard sealevel).  This coming Sunday and Monday, they will be 6feet, 8 inches.  While less than our historical highs, this could breach some areas of our seawall, causing flooding, or send docks floating off of their pilings.

If you have an older dock with shorter pilings than the newer ones, you can help weigh the dock down down by dragging a few trash cans out to it and filling them up with water.  This will help keep the dock just a few inches lower in the water, and keep your dock from literally floating away.  This knowledge is particularly important for first-time dock owners, who may not have experienced tides like these before.


Our low tides will also be quite low, at -1.4 below 0.0ft — our lowest of the year so far was at at 1.6 inches.

Here are the tide charts for the upcoming week of high tides 6 feet and above, with Wednesday morning at 7:49am being the big whopper, at 6.7 feet– or 6’8 and a half inches:

Day Low High Low High Moon Sunrise Sunset
Fri 1 12:31 AM PST / 1.1 ft 6:44 AM PST / 6.1 ft 1:44 PM PST / -0.5 ft 7:45 PM PST / 4.2 ft 6:38 AM PST 4:43 PM PST
Sat 2 1:11 AM PST / 1.2 ft 7:20 AM PST / 6.5 ft 2:27 PM PST / -1.0 ft 8:35 PM PST / 4.3 ft 6:39 AM PST 4:43 PM PST
Sun 3 1:52 AM PST / 1.4 ft 8:00 AM PST / 6.7 ft 3:12 PM PST / -1.3 ft 9:26 PM PST / 4.3 ft Full Moon 6:39 AM PST 4:43 PM PST
Mon 4 2:35 AM PST / 1.5 ft 8:42 AM PST / 6.7 ft 3:59 PM PST / -1.4 ft 10:19 PM PST / 4.2 ft 6:40 AM PST 4:43 PM PST
Tue 5 3:22 AM PST / 1.8 ft 9:27 AM PST / 6.6 ft 4:50 PM PST / -1.3 ft 11:17 PM PST / 4.1 ft 6:41 AM PST 4:43 PM PST

It should make for some great photos– so get those Cameras ready– and if you are in a low-lying area, you may want to get some sand bags, too!



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