Country Club to Open At Location of old Pierce Street Annex

For the last several months, the Country Club (think “golf club”, not “country music”), has been testing out its kitchens, bar staff, and meals in relentless private events to ensure a solid opening.  As the much-loved Pierce Street Annex closed earlier this year due being in dire need of renovations, the new Country Club has answered that calling in spades, offering up an immaculate collection of food, drink, and ambiance and staffed with employees who really do make you think you are getting the same treatment as the exclusive country clubs from a generation or two before us– “the only country club where everyone is a member”, as the owner put it during the media reception.

While an entirely new feel inside, the owners went to great lengths to salvage the classic 1953 “A-Frame” from the old Pierce Street building, to keep the establishment within the historic architectural norms for the area.

Lots of sports memorabilia was donated by the old Sports Museum through its owner, John Hamilton– all memorabilia is authentic, right down to the signed football by Joe Namath.
The Country Club is set to open on December 5th– coincidentally (or maybe not?) that is also the 84th anniversary of the end of Prohibition.
Open hours: 12pm-2am M-F; 10am-2am on weekends

Live music hours: 11am-2pm

Food hours: 3pm-10:30pm weekdays,  10am-10:30pm weekends
Happy hours: noon – 6pm weekdays (no HH on weekends)
Expected drink favorites:
– Old Fashioned with popcorn
– Cypress point
About 45 items on the menu between brunch and dinner, only about 10 or show displayed, below– along with the food and drink menus:







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