The Newest Scoop on Rudy’s

When we initially heard reports from multiple employees that Rudy’s had been bought, we printed it up to let everyone know.  The person who owns the building and had owned the business for years wrote us very upset and demanded that we clarify that the new people he brought in and that he had been reportedly introduced as the new “owners” were not infact the new owners– just new managers.  Very confusing to everyone, especially the employees.

But after a small remodel and reopening under the Rudy’s name, things had seemed to be settled in and operating smoothly… untiiiiiiil Tuesday of this week, when Rudy’s underwent yet another gutting.  They said that they would be reopening again this Saturday which I would have said was unrealistically aggressive except that they had already done something similar before.

Assuming a Saturday reopening date and that all goes well, Rudy’s will be reopened for another week or two, and then reportedly will change into “Ocean Bar”.  Of note is that the famous Rudy’s sign (not on the building, on the pole at the corner) is already gone, and given the expense of those signs, I cannot imagine that it will be replaced until the renaming is complete.

This will be a very interesting series of events to watch unfurl over the next few weeks, and over the next year.

Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated!



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