Getting Dixon Fixed: A Proposal That’ll Finally Save Dog Beach

Remember nearly three months ago in June when Scott Peotter said that he was going to agendize the off-leash hours in Newport Beach?  Well guess what never happened.

As it turns out, despite Dog Beach having support for approval by the vast majority of council, I have been told that Dixon has promised to oppose on all significant votes, anyone who votes to even agendize Dog Beach– let alone vote for it.  If true, she has the council completely frozen in fear under the leadership of Mayor Kevin Muldoon.  If this is true (and given her history and the current circumstances, I have no reason to believe otherwise), this is a dereliction of duty across the board.

There is only one thing left for us to do: to create a voter initiative.

This entire scenario was caused by Dixon, an LA resident for nearly her entire life who moved here just 6 months before deciding that she alone was qualified to run our city– and that’s a problem.  To fix this problem, in addition to the Dog Beach voter initiative, I will be presenting language to permanently correct the problem of the entire city voting who should be running your district– a solution known as “District-Based Elections”.

Do Peninsula residents have the moral authority to vote on who should be representing Corona del Mar?
Does Big Canyon have the moral authority to vote on who should be representing the Balboa Peninsula?
All areas should be able to vote for where they live– but not where someone else lives.  Pretty basic stuff, here.

The fact is, each district should have their own ability to vote in their own elected officials– and we should do that every two years, not every four– assuring each person a regular vote for their own district, and kicking out bad operators via regular elections twice as quickly as we are currently able to.

In any voting system, a candidate needs to communicate to all voters– city-wide, that’s over 55,000 people.  District-wide, that’s closer to 8,000.  Anyone who is relatively active in their community can get a message out to 8,000 people, but there is no way to effectively communicate to 55,000 people without sending them mail pieces– and those are expensive!  With a $1,100 donation limit in Newport Beach and a mailer costing around $0.60/person, guess who winds up funding our city-wide elections?  You guessed it: Special interests and their political cronies.

With elections based in our districts (rather than simply requiring someone to live in that district), our neighbors vote on people who are known-quantities.  People can’t simply move into an area, dump a bunch of money into confusing mailers, and steal our city from underneath us: With District-Based Elections, we control it.  We will be able to re-assert that control, rather than special interests playing confusing messages to pit 6 of our 7 districts against the other 1– seven times over.

Yes: I know this isn’t a “sexy” proposal, which ironically is why Dog Beach is such a great one.  With Dog Beach, we will be able to bring in supporters who normally wouldn’t care about something so boring, and in the end– they not only get Dog Beach, but they get a better election system to boot, and they fix the problem that caused Dixon and her attempted elimination of Dog Beach in the first place.

Yes: these petitions will be separate, so if you want Dog Beach but you’d like to continue to have elections funded by special interests, you are free to only sign one of them (or none of them, if you so choose).  If you’d like to join in the volunteer efforts and sit just for one evening at a grocery store to help us collect signatures, or if you’d be able to get a few neighbors to sign up– each signature counts… a lot!  Please let us know by signing the Save Dog Beach petition, below:


Do not ban off-leash dogs at dog beach!!! Regulars at Dog Beach know that off-leash dogs are not problematic. If, there are some which are, then address the problem dogs.
If there are problems with waste, address those who create those problems.

The public OVERWHELMINGLY supports keeping DOG BEACH a place for DOGS. Newport Beach has some of the longest coastline in Southern California and Dog Beach only accounts for roughly 100 yards. Let dogs have their small stretch of beach.



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