Hurricane Harvey: Where Can You Help?

Estimates have said that if this much rainfall fell on New Orleans with Katrina, the city would be 128ft under water.

As a first-responder who spent time rebuilding after Katrina, and someone who has been directly impacted by multiple hurricanes, I take particular care when I see these sorts of disasters happen.  But I’m not the only one in our area who is stepping up to the plate. Many people have already begun mobilizing to drive supplies from our neck of the woods all the way over to the Houston area.

I am certain that Red Cross– the most heavily-advertised charity– has done plenty of good work.  However, I never once saw them when I was sweating and bleeding during cleanup, and many people have expressed concerns about their spending percentages, so I am going to give you a list of other organizations that you can donate to. First, let’s start with the local-to-Houston charities, which already have boots on the ground:

Charity Navigator says “If you’re looking for a local charity to support in the wake of Hurricane Harvey please consider Houston Food BankFood Bank of Corpus ChristiHouston Humane SocietyHouston SPCA, or San Antonio Humane Society. These highly-rated organizations are located in the most-affected areas and are providing support to individuals and animals.”

Other local organizations include:
Cajun Navy:
Samaritan’s Purse:
Texas Diaper Bank:
JJ Watts:


Bayu Animal Services:
Best Friends Animal Society:
Houston Huts for Mutts:
Houston K-911
Houston Pets Alive
Wings of Rescue ( is flying the dogs that are were already in shelters to no-kill shelters in other states to make room for the pets that are found or abandoned because their humans don’t have a home any more

K-38 Rescue, based out of Tustin, CA is deploying a swift water rescue team supporting evacuation and animal recovery efforts in the flooded areas surrounding the Houston Texas area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. They are staffed with vetted and qualified responders and the team is using shallow draft personal watercraft with tow-able assets. They have extensive background work serving the Lower 9th Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in NOLA and are supported by the Rescue Water Craft Association a 501(c)3 non profit [EIN: 82-2072637], and the American Watercraft Association.  They work for free; 100% of the funds are going to cover the cost of fuel, logistics and food for the team, and anything any of you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Also, local OC hauncho Fred Whitaker is also on the board of Fuel Relief Fund. They have already sent a tanker of fuel down there successfully.  All donations go to fuel; Volunteer crews; No overhead.

NATIONAL (in alphabetical order):
Glenn Beck’s charity:
Obama’s charity:

Lighthouse Charity Team
United Methodist Committee on Relief UMCOR
Team Rubicon USA
Salvation Army
Convoy of Hope
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints NOTE: These guys are always first-in during a disaster.  I’m not Mormon but major credit is due here to LDS.  Just google them plus “Hurricane” to see what they’ve done so far here!



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