Wedge Tree by Ron Romanosky - 1989
Wedge Tree by Ron Romanosky - 1989

The Wedge: A Bench Forged from History, and History Forged by Wave Riders

On Thursday, August 24th from 6pm to 9pm, legendary Wedge surfer, body boarder, and photographer Ron Romanosky will be presenting a photo archive as the bench created from the wood of the fallen Wedge Tree is unveiled at Sherman Gardens (2647 East Coast Highway).

From 6pm to 7pm will be the general admission time, at 7pm the bench will be unveiled, which will be housed in perpetuity at Sherman Gardens.  At 8pm, the magic of history comes out in photo exposures, with Romo giving a full presentation of his slides and photo archives of the Wedge entitled “Homage to Wedge and its First People”– an epic show surely not to be missed if you have any connection with the Wedge.   This is one of the few times his collection has been open for the public to view!  If you are looking to purchase any new artwork, this is the perfect time to grab some, as well.   If you go, be there on time.  Trust me on this one.

The bench was hand-crafted by Marty Henke, Alan Buchanan, and the Wedge Preservation Society from the trunk of the Wedge Tree, which fell earlier this year.


Sherman Gardens will offer beer & wine at a no host bar for the event.




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