After the Eclipse

If you missed the eclipse this time around, fret not. Newport will have a partial eclipse at 69.9% coverage on Oct 14th of 2023, but we won’t see another one coming close to that until 2044 (78.8% coverage), 2045 (77.6% coverage), 2046 (61.1% coverage) and the big whopper in the year 2071 of 91.2% coverage. Feel free to hang on to those eclipse glasses so you can see the eclipse in 2071 with them!

There are only three more TOTAL solar eclipses that will touch through the US between now and the year 2100:
– April 8, 2024
– August 23, 2044
– August 12, 2045

But while solar eclipses may be the most awe-inspiring events, we have some full lunar eclipses coming up, on:
– Jan 31 2018 (Wed)
– Jan 21 2019 (Mon)
– May 26 2021 (Wed)
– May 16 2022 (Mon)
– Nov 2022 (Tue)

And we have a rare Transit of Mercury on Nov 11, 2019, which wont happen again until the year 2049.

If you’re planning on leaving the US between now and our next total solar eclipse, you can also catch total solar eclipses beyond our borders, here:
– July 2, 2019 (central Argentina and Chile, Tuamotu Archipelago)
– Dec 14, 2020 (Southern Chile and Argentina, Kiribati, Polynesia)
– Dec 4, 2021 (Antarctica)

So if you were stuck in the office all day yesterday and didn’t get to see such an amazing event there are still plenty of chances left in the next few years. So plan ahead, schedule the time and get out to see some of the amazing things offered just a wee bit outside of the world’s most beautiful City, Newport Beach!



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