Bay Arcade’s Final Weekend

It is with great sadness that we have to wish adieu to our beloved Bay Arcade on today, its last weekend.

As it began more than 70 years ago, the Bay Arcade has been considered a key feature of the Fun Zone, but the new owners of the building have decided to put a donut shop in, instead (they were the owners of the donut shop on Main and E Bay, whose building got bought out from underneath them!)

So bring your children for one last chance to defeat them at skeeball (come on, you can do it!), or a chance to let them beat you at air hockey (don’t let it happen).  Bring your tokens, your tickets, cash them in for prizes, take tons of pictures, and say goodbyes that you will remember for a lifetime.

PATRONIZE OTHER BUSINESSES IN THE AREA.  We all love the Ferris Wheel– but when was the last time you went on it?  Drop a few bucks and enjoy the best view in Newport.  Grab a bite to eat at one of our local eateries or drown your sorrows with a pint from our historic watering holes.  If we don’t keep our local establishments flush, then it is only a matter of time for a shared fate.  Put your money where your heart is while you are enjoying this beautiful city we call home.  Cause we’ve only got one of those!



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