The Numbers are Out! (Most of them, anyway…)

The deadline for returning campaign disclosures was yesterday, August 1st. These campaign disclosures release the information that was available from the beginning of the year until July 31st.

I previously stated that if an incumbent doesn’t have $20k in the bank, it’s a sign of them not being able to be taken seriously at this point in the game. Yesterday, Diane Dixon showed her cash-on-hand at being half of that, coming in at $10k. But here’s the kicker: She’s the only councilperson who has any campaign debt… and she has a whopping $15,000 in debt. Meaning that her actual campaign amount is NEGATIVE Five thousand dollars.  To put that in perspective, Joe Stapleton— who still has an account open from when he decided not to run for office 4 years ago– has $15k  and zero debt, putting him $5k ahead of Dixon in cash alone, and 30k ahead of her on the total balance.  That’s how seriously people take Dixon.  20% of her money was donated by the Ware family, of Ware disposal.  I wonder why a trash company would be giving money to someone who awards trash contracts?  One can only wonder!

Onward, though:

Cash on Hand Debt Total Worth
Duffy Duffield 22132.03 0 22,132.03
Brad Avery 16,322.32 0 16,322.32
Jeff Herdman 3572.25 0 3,572.25
Will O’Neill 21227.45 0 21,227.45
Diane Dixon 10472.63 15000 -4,527.37
Kevin Muldoon 17673.73 0 17,673.73
Scott Peotter 27986.82 0 27,986.82
Fire Fighter Union 72363.36 0 72,363.36
Police Union 9639.21 0 9,639.21
Toerge 7098.99 0 7,098.99
Stapleton 15246.32 0 15,246.32
Recall Peotter 17912.88 0 17,912.88
Newport 1st 16616.49 1925 14,691.49
Line in the Sand 30458.68 0 30,458.68
SaveNewport PAC NA NA NA

Scott Peotter raised $32k but spent some of it, coming in at $27k cash on hand with $0 debt

The committee to Recall Peotter raised over $24k and has $18k on hand with $0 debt

The “Peninsula Small Business PAC” which is a complete joke because almost all of their money not only doesn’t come from the peninsula– but it comes from outside of the city itself– has $1k in the bank.  But these guys bring in money from malls across OC so they can be a big player whenever they would like to– just don’t believe the name.

The NBPD Police Union has $10k cash on hand and $0 debt.

But that pales in comparison to the NBFD Fire Union who has over $73k (yes you read that correctly) cash on hand and $0 debt.

Duffy Duffield still has not filed his form, nor has Tony Petros (he’s gone from council, but he still has an open committee)
UPDATE 8/4: Duffy has $22,132.03 and $0 debt and Petros has $18,956.67

And the people who we reported on previously:

Brad Avery:  who has over $16k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Kevin Muldoon (running in 2018):  who has over $17.5k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Jeff Herdman (running in 2020):  who has about $3.5k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Will O’Neill (running in 2020): who has over $21k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Mike Toerge (running in 2018 against Scott Peotter):  who has about $7k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Lee Lowrey (no current plans to run again): who has about $1k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Tim Brown (no current plans to run again)  who has eleven dollars and an outstanding debt of about $12k

Newport 1st“:  who has about $16k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Line in the Sand:  who has about $30k in the bank



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