Is Our Council Appointing Criminals to Commissions?

If you remember over a month and a half ago, SaveNewporter and Lido Isle resident Jon Pedersen confronted the council about Dixon’s fast-tracking of the anti-dog-beach Dave Granoff to the Parks, Beaches, and Recreations Committee.

Granoff sniped the position from women who have been active in the community for years.  A public document request showed only two, but two more females called me and said that they also applied for the position, casting doubt on whether or not the organization Dixon founded to get women involved in politics, called “Women in Newport Networking (WiNN)”, was actually about getting women appointed to positions, or if it is just there simply to take votes from women and give them to Dixon.

I am off-track.  Anyway, after Pedersen effectively demolished Granoff for Granoff’s role in the “destruction of the sand dunes” fiasco, Granoff wrote in to council saying that he didn’t do it, and that by signing the paperwork to pay the mitigation fees of nearly a quarter million dollars and by signing the paperwork to reimburse the NBPD’s investigation into his involvement to the tune of many thousands of dollars, that he actually wasn’t admitting any guilt, and that he had nothing to do with the crime.

That sounds like a likely scenario.  So Granoff is literally saying that he donated about a quarter-million to the Coastal Commission in fines– not because he was guilty, but out of the goodness of his heart.  Second, he was paying to reimburse the NBPD police for their investigation against him not because he was guilty, but out of the goodness of his heart.  What an act of philanthropy!  This man needs an award!

So, I wrote the council:

To: City Council

City Council,

It has come to my attention that Dr. Dave Granoff has stated that he was not the person who paid a construction worker $3,000 to commit grand theft and steal heavy machinery to bulldoze the protected habitat in front of his home.
However, Granoff was named in the official documents and was part of the group who voluntarily paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-construct the sand dunes.
In addition to this act of philanthropy, Mr Granoff even paid thousands of dollars to the Newport Beach Police Department to cover the cost of this investigation for a crime that he didn’t even have anything to do with.

For this selfless act, I ask that the City of Newport Beach officially recognize Dr. David Granoff for his massive philanthropic financial contributions to our city, to the Newport Beach Police Department, and to the California Coastal Commission.

I know people who have contributed far less but got recognized for it.  Why is his recognition being held up?

It is time to give this man the public recognition that he deserves!

Thanks so much,


Do you think Granoff should be honored because you think he is a generous philanthropist, or do you think that he should be fired because he’s a criminal who destroys the very thing that the council has tasked him to protect?  Write the city council and tell them, at



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