King Tides Flood Peninsula

Ever think that you’d see a car driving UPHILL on the dock to board the ferry?  With King Tides last weekend reaching a massive +7.1 feet Saturday night– larger than I’ve seen in the decade+ I’ve been watching– the bay easily overcame seawalls in areas of town, including by the ferry:

By J&K streets near the Wedge housing tract, and other areas of town where I’m sure you saw it, but I haven’t heard about it yet!  (Send pictures and locations, please!)

We will still have some remnants of the King Tide happening tonight at 10:30 with waters expected to rise to +6.4ft, but to catch the next King Tide, you’ll need to wait until December 3rd, where standard tide is expected to be 6.7ft, but with the swells and storms we normally get in the wintertime, we could be up for a surprise once again, as this last King Tide was only projected to be 6.8ft.  Hopefully it will transpire like King Tides before: A good show, but no serious property damage!



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