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After many long months of dredging, the heavy machinery will likely be gone from Dog Beach by the end of next week and the next big South Swell will drop the sandbars back in the channel right where they used to be, returning the area to the Dog Beach we have all known and loved for 100 years.

However, as you might know, Newport Beach has been in the midst of an anti-dog-on-beaches campaign right now that was begun right as the Dog Beach is being released back into the hands of the dog-loving public.  Newport has recently begun placing signs and enforcement agents at the mouth of the county land, blocking access from people who wish to use the off-leash area for their dogs.  While we (and local residents!) have been asking for doggie bag dispensers there for years, the city has spent thousands of dollars on signage designed to scare people from the area.  The recent Twitter “virtual ride along” with a patrol unit highlighted why dogs are supposedly not welcome on the beaches.  The assaults are escalating.

Diane Dixon– the originator of the idea that we should close Dog Beach– wrote that she supported Dog Beach in the past, but recently used a private email account with city letterhead and the city seal to tell county officials that she no longer supports it.  Suddenly, inside of the city, the ratcheting-up of anti-dog-beach sentiment has begun once again.

Our efforts previously won us a unanimous 7-0 approval by Parks, Beach, and Recreation to not only approve, but actually to expand Dog Beach to Orange Street– making it partially on city land and partially on county land.  Somehow, after the meeting, the meeting minutes were modified to strike this from the record– even though we have what was actually said and actually passed on video (we foresaw “oddities” and wanted to keep a record for ourselves in case they materialized).

The county voted 5-0 to approve Dog Beach, but then “certain elected officials” began emailing organizations and groups to get them to complain, stopping the process before it got to the required second vote.  All and all, the Dog Beach remained– so we figured everyone was happy.  But now the attacks have begun once again and it is time to go on the full offensive if we want to keep this treasured area of land for our four-legged friends.  This time, we won’t stop until we have an actual official dog beach– and if that requires removing people from their positions, then that is what it will require.

Here is what we need from you:
Please show up at Newport Beach City Hall (100 Civic Center Drive) on Tuesday at 7pm and speak on “Non-Agenda Items
– Speak about why we need to keep and support Dog Beach.
– Ask the council why the Parks, Beach, and Recreation vote calling for the expansion of Dog Beach was modified in the meeting minutes to not reflect what was actually voted on.
– Ask them who has approved the sudden enforcement against dogs in the area.
– Ask them if they will hold Diane Dixon accountable for using the city seal and official city letterhead for non-official business (they previously held other councilpeople accountable for this, so they should hold her accountable, too)
– Ask council if they will hold Diane Dixon accountable for illegaly withholding documents despite them being requested via a Public Document Request Act
– Ask Diane Dixon to explain the reasons why she is against Dog Beach (she won’t respond, but the public outcry will make media attention)
– Ask the council to agendize expanding Dog Beach to Orange Street, as the Parks, Beach, and Recreations committee had originally suggested a year ago.
– Dog Beach has been around for a full 100-years, since 1917, it’s Newport Beach’s last remaining dog beach, and I do not want to see it go away.

We need literally just three minutes of your time to speak on this, on Tuesday.  Every voice makes a tremendous difference and can really help to sway councilpeople.  Please, share this with your friends.  We need to send a message to council that we want to keep and preserve Dog Beach.


Do not ban off-leash dogs at dog beach!!! Regulars at Dog Beach know that off-leash dogs are not problematic. If, there are some which are, then address the problem dogs.
If there are problems with waste, address those who create those problems.

The public OVERWHELMINGLY supports keeping DOG BEACH a place for DOGS. Newport Beach has some of the longest coastline in Southern California and Dog Beach only accounts for roughly 100 yards. Let dogs have their small stretch of beach.



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