HoSum Bistro Update!

I don’t know if it’s a summertime treat or if it’s just coincidental, but everyone has been reminiscing about HoSum recently.  So what the heck is the deal with it, anyway?

As everyone knows, mid-June of last year HoSum was hit by a fire in the middle of the night, and was closed for repairs the next day.  The fire actually engulfed the entire shop from the old junction boxes, and burned the building so badly that it had to be completely rebuilt on the inside.  In fact, it had to be completely rebuilt so much that the city made it apply as a “new construction” project.  To those of you in the construction business, you know what that means.  To those of you fortunate enough to not know those terrifying words, what it means is that the entire establishment had to be updated to the most modern standards in a building that wasn’t designed for it.  It ain’t easy, and it’s been really expensive.  Thankfully, insurance paid for a lot of it without problems.

So despite the initial reports of the beloved establishment being open just 2-3 months after the fire, this process required something that money cannot buy: Building permits from the city. (Yes: I know… money buys those all the time… you know what I mean).

With all the necessary permits had, the building is estimated to take about 2-3 months of construction from… yesterday.

The interior design will remain mostly the same, with a more open feel.  The seating up front will be identical, but instead of looking out of the old windows, they will be more modern and angled, with no bar on the window.  There will, however, be the bar upstairs overlooking the rail, and tables will remain on both the ground and second floor.

So bear with it one more summer– the salad dressing with a cultlike following is coming back– with brand-new remodeled digs!



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