Newport Beach Earth Day has a Lot Going On!

Wow, we have a busy Earth Day!

First, the launch of the earth-friendly sailboat race, Newport to Ensenada, is happening today at 11am.  If you aren’t going to be near the Balboa Pier then, then you are missing out! But you can still catch it live thanks to Don Logan’s drone livesteam, which will start at 10:55am, here:

Second, Newport’s own Brian Winters has started a project to create water out of thin-air, powered by a solar panel.  You don’t need to be an Einstein to imagine how this will help severely impoverished areas of the globe.  You can check out his Indiegogo, here:
BUT WAIT, you can get a special Earth Day discount by using this secret perk link, and get 24% off for 24 hours (including free shipping):

Finally, tomorrow at 9am, Dory Deli will be sponsoring their quarterly beach cleanup event, which is a lot of fun!  In total, we estimated that one ton of trash was cleared from the beachfront.  You can join in this time too!  Kids are welcome and they will hand out gloves and bags, and coffee for free.  Here’s the link if you’d like to sign up on Facebook– but if that’s not your thing, just show up and we’d love to have you!

Enjoy this Earth Day.  While it may sound uncharacteristically “hippie” of me, we’ve only got one crack at this “earth thing”.  Let’s do it right!



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