The Big 50 Party to benefit ENC

Tonight at 7pm at the Blue Beet, there will be a sold-out party for those in Newport Beach who appreciate our history and strive to make our future better.  This party sold out its 200 tickets in just a matter of days, and monies raised will be to benefit the Environmental Nature Center (  All funds raised for the ENC will also be matched up to $3m by a generous anonymous donor until the end of this year.

We will also be privileged to watch a screening of Newport’s big up and coming movie this year, Dirty Old Wedge, by Tim Burnham.  Tim was recently covered by the LATimes, here: — you can also find the site for the Dirty Old Wedge, here:

With alumni from all parts of the Newport area, fun is sure to be had!

The event will also be raffling tickets for items from dozens of our local businesses.  If you would like purchase raffle tickets, you are *not* required to attend the event but can still win– and you will also be first to know via email on future events, as well!  It’s always a great time for a great cause!



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