Lido Theater is BACK

Today, Lido Theater installed some of the final touches to re-create the venue into its traditional use as a theater.  A very specific projector was shipped from Canada to the location and was installed this morning, setting the stage for the theater to have not just one of the best sound systems but also one of the best digital display systems in all of Southern California.

A few months back, Regency was granted the rights to operate in the theater, and is also who was operating the theater prior to its change to a live venue for about a year.

While the concerts and live shows at Lido Live were definitely something to be remembered, the restoration to a movie theater is a welcome change amongst all the rumors of the building being torn down or turned into residential condo units.  The venue is set to open up just before summertime (about 4-6 weeks from now), ensuring a fantastic opening day crowd.  The world-renowned Newport Beach Film Festival will also be continuing as-planned.

With all the change happening in Newport Beach, the theater remaining a theater is fantastic news, and we are happy to be the first local news source to report this.  Many thanks to the team at the Lido Theater for everything they are giving back to the community.  There are certainly higher-revenue uses for the building, but the Fritz Duda Company has decided that they simply want to have a nice place to watch a movie.

I do too.  Many thanks to them for their awesome and continued contributions to our city!



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