Avoid PCH and Dover – Traffic Stopped – Police Standoff

Reports are coming in that Dover and PCH is closed off due to a police standoff occurring at the end of a long car chase.  Unconfirmed reports of an armed man with children, standing off from within a Hummer vehicle.

UPDATE: Tuesday @ 8:08am – Suspect still at large after the 10:06pm escape.  Dogs were on-scene so it appears that none of the 5 shots connected as there was no discernible blood trail.  This story will likely go cold for a while.

10:06pm – man ran into the woods, 5 shots fired

KFI reported that this is a possible custody issue, as there are two children and a girlfriend in the car with the man.

6:04pm – Jamboree and Bison (video has some adult language)

6:30 – Jamboree and PCH
7:30 – PCH and Dover
8:13 – Dover Dr between Cliff Dr
7am – search suspended; suspect still at-large

UPDATE: Livestream here: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1OdKrdOPDgPJX

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