Save Dog Beach Hats are Now Officially Available!

As you all know, our Dog Beach by the Newport/HB Jetties is currently under attack, with one of our councilmembers proposing a solution of enforcing a leash-law in the area, which obviously, would completely destroy all the fun that happens in Dog Beach!

Instead of bringing the item to a Study Session, the Newport City Council has referred the issue to Parks, Beaches, and Recreations.

We need your help to fight back.  Please, share this post and grab (and wear!) your Save Dog Beach hat.  Talk to your friends.  Make sure they sign the petition, too!

Get your flat-brimmed hat with your $20 donation, here:

All money donated will be used for helping to sustain our small operation here, and is very greatly appreciated.

A more detailed message about Dog Beach will be coming in the next few days.



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