HB High School has Gone on Lockdown

UPDATE: As of noon on 10/6/2015, the school is no longer on lockdown.

This is a bit outside of Newport, but I know that many Newporters have close ties or even children here, so I am covering it: At about 10am this morning, Huntington Beach High School went on lockdown after unconfirmed reports of an ex-teacher running around naked with a gun.  Later, the gun was not spotted, so it may have been discarded or simply a flawed initial report.

The school is still on lockdown.  After school activities such as water polo are being cancelled.

Students inside are texting their parents.   Newport Beach resident Kathi A. is being texted by her son who is inside the building right now, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor.

EDITORS NOTE: Kathi’s full name will be obfuscated until this potentially dangerous situation has been resolved.

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