McDonalds on Peninsula: CLOSED

McDonalds on the peninsula has always seemed like an unstoppable fixture on the peninsula, rarely seen without a car in line to get food and drink.  But on September the 8th, the fast-food diner closed forever.  Speculation was that it was perhaps due to the “breakfast all day” menu and the closure was simply for a quick kitchen remodel, but the insides are gutted by all accounts.

Employees have moved to the McDonalds on PCH according to some residents who had interactions with them.  These same residents saw the signs indicating the closure and asked if the employees knew what was going to be occupying that space.  The employees responded with a tight-lipped smile that they didn’t know– obviously knowing.

If one were to delve into this speculative piece further, one could deduce that the building will still be used by the same owner for a new intent, otherwise there would be no loyalty on silence by the employees.  We shall see.

This is a great corner location and the fact that even a seemingly popular national fast food chain couldn’t make it there shows the struggles that our local businesses have.  Please take this weekend to patronize a few of your favorite local businesses… and make it an adventure: go to a local business every-other weekend that you haven’t been to before.  We have some real gems here in town.  Treat yourself and help our local economy!



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