Blue Moon Tonight- Next One in Year 2018

The Blue Moon is a normal-colored moon which happens about every 3 years.  Simply put, it is when there are two full-moons within a single month.  The moon cycles at about 29.5 days, making this a somewhat rare event, as the moon would need to be full at the beginning and the end of the month.  The last Blue Moon we had was back on Aug 31 2012, and the next one won’t be until Jan 31 2018 (and in 2018, we will have two of them!)

So while the moon will likely have a white or a red hue just like any other full moon, this is truly a rare calendar event and is a cool time to remember to watch the moonrise or moonset.  This time around, the moon will rise at 8:05pm– just after dark– and will be coming from the WNW direction (253°).

So grab some firewood, head to the beach, and watch the sun rise from over the Costa Mesa area.  Regardless of the actual color of the moon, that’s always a good time!



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