Throwback: The Oldest Throwback, Ever (the year 1800)

This is the oldest throwback photo of Newport that I know of.  It is actually a scan of the topographical maps before flight was even possible– back in the 1800s.  This was before the Balboa Peninsula was even formed, and our bay was unrecognizable compared to its current form.

Collins saw the potential with Newport and created the peninsula using fill land from dredging the bay, creating what I believe to be the most perfect harbor on the West Coast.

Special thanks to Doug Westfall and his books, which allow us this unique view into Newports history– and many more.  I highly recommend checking them out when you can, or purchasing them from

Not Hollow Rock, but a hollow rock. How unbecoming... The Santa Ana River created Back Bay but was long gone until it created the peninsula around 1825 --- from Doug Westfall's book on the Costa Mesa Bluffs.

The Costa Mesa Bluffs is mostly about the Native Americans and early Rancho history. Here's Newport before 1800. All Doug Westfalls books are on -- 102 titles in 25 years.

Newport Beach Super Throwback



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