Jetpack America
Jetpack America

Jet Pack America was SAVED!

Tonight, Council voted to reject the proposal by Councilwoman Diane Dixon to ban Jet Packs in the harbor.  Dixon’s proposal carried no actual line-items whatsoever, just an outright ban.  Was it the noise?  Safety?  No– she just wanted to ban them completely without any other qualifications.

I spoke on behalf of reason: We already have noise ordinances.  We already have wake ordinances.  If they crashed into boats, we would know about it.  If people were being injured, they’d be out of business.

The bottom line is, Jet Pack America has been in business for four solid years carrying over 15,000 passengers, and they have never collided with any boat.  They have never received any ticket for noise violation.  They have never received a single wake ticket.

Not. One.

They have had one minor injury during that time, and it was quickly taken care of.

If there are noise problems, give them noise tickets.
If there are wake problems, give them wake tickets.
If there are collision problems, revoke their permits.

The fact is none of those existed.

Approximately 30 other people spoke in regards to this issue as well, with an overwhelming amount being in support of Jet Packs.

A big “Thank You” to the members of council I often disagree with, as today we all came together on an issue I think we can all agree was absurd to even be brought forth (again).

The Jet Packs will be renewed for another year, and fourteen of its wonderful bayside employees could not be happier.

Congratulations, guys.



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