Family by the Fire Rings, photo credit unknown
Family by the Fire Rings, photo credit unknown

Dixon Puts Fire Rings to A Vote… Again.

Only 6 short weeks after a majority voted to restore the fire rings, Councilwoman Diane Dixon has decided– at the last minute– to put this measure back on the agenda, yet again.  You usually don’t put the item back on the agenda until you think you have the votes to carry out your wishes, so she may have convinced a weak link to change their mind about the Jan 13 vote to restore the fire rings.

Why is this happening?  Because people who moved next to the fire rings decided they didn’t like them.  Diane Dixon also voted to banish the fire rings at the last meeting, despite having paid-for positions on the pro-fire-ring slates during the election cycle.  I am not sure who was deceived about her position here…  Perhaps it was everyone.

Are fire rings HEALTHY?  Probably not.  You know what else isn’t healthy?  Car exhaust, candy, and large sodas.  Are we really going to join the ranks of the nanny-cities who talk about banning things like large sodas?

Now, the fire ring banners have stated in the past that the fire rings were a nuisance.  They then said they were a health risk.  They then stated that they were noisy.  They then said they were a health risk again.  Then they said they didn’t know the fire rings were there when they bought the house.  Then they changed their and said that they knew the fire rings were there, but didn’t know about the health affects until recently.

So, let’s just take a step back really quickly and evaluate their current statements for precisely what they claim to be:
1) This fight against the fire rings has gone on for YEARS.
2) The people who are anti-fire-ring claim to really, truly believe that they and their families are being poisoned.
3) They also live in the most expensive houses in Newport Beach.

They could easily sell their homes and move anywhere else in the world and not poison their families… but they don’t.  Why?  Is the view worth the sacrifice of your family’s health?  What possible benefit do they intend to have in order to offset poisoning their own families for years at a time when the option to move and save their families was readily at-hand?

I’m sorry, but it’s my opinion that they do not believe their own argument.  As passionate as they are about removing the fire rings, I cannot imagine for one single moment that they are willingly poisoning their own families in order to prove a point.

I believe what they have said in the past is true: People make noise and they don’t like it.  Well, sorry, but when you live on a public beach, you get noise.  And that ain’t changing anytime soon.

Now, why is Dixon bringing up this worn-out argument once again?  Well, I frankly have no idea.  We shall see.  However, she better have real, quantifiable data this time, or we will call her out on it, just like we did before.

Council meeting will be this Tuesday, March the 10th at 7pm at:
City Hall, Council Chambers
100 Civic Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA




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