Town Hall, stock photo
Town Hall, stock photo

PLEASE ATTEND: “Lights Out” Meeting: Tonight at 6:30pm

PLEASE SHARE & PLEASE ATTEND the Town Hall meeting at OLD city hall (on Balboa Peninsula).  3300 Newport Blvd at 6:30pm on Tuesday the 17th. Today the reasons behind the “Lights Out” will be announced.  Expect the explanations to be specifically designed to calm the crowd. Expect to be told that everyone is over-reacting.

Ask what the purpose is of spending taxpayer dollars to create “solutions” to non-existent problems.  Ask why the affected businesses were all surprised and never even contacted about this prior to the session where they actually voted to begin the process.  Ask why this appears so much to be a solution in search of a problem.  Ask why we are doing this without any problem ever having been brought up by any resident complaint during public discussion under this new council.  That is not transparent government.

If the complaints are with individual businesses, then what businesses are those?  Allow the community to apply pressure; don’t punish all businesses.

If a business is forced to close, each business would lose 1,095 hours of open business per year.  If they have 4 employees between those hours, that is 4,380 hours lost, annually.  That is more than two fulltime jobs– and that is per-business.  This has the potential of destroying lives.

Besides the obvious affects on workers, business owners, and property owners, the obvious questions remain: Let’s pretend we have 50 bars on the peninsula, and we close all but one.  Do you think this remaining bar will be more– or less– chaotic than it was previously?  Let the free market decide how to handle this.  Government involvement in business always harms.

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