Record-Setting Heat This Weekend

Record-setting heat will be coming tomorrow through Tuesday. Dress for warm weather, as we’ll likely break into the three-digit temps this weekend.  Meteorologists say the heat is being generated by an upper-level ridge of high pressure building off the California coast combined with weakening onshore flow.  Residents will need to beware of this record-setting heat during the months of September when we normally cool down.

The Fire Department (NBFD) is tasked with responding to calls for emergencies.  Our emergency call rate for firemen is one of the highest in the nation, a whopping 78% of all calls are medical– and that’s an understatement, due to many medical calls not being “coded” as the people are unaware they need medical attention until someone is on-scene.  Never hesitate to call during an emergency– but take precautions to not become a statistic!  Dress cool, wear excess sunscreen if you venture outdoors during this sweltering heat, and of course, and drink lots of water.

We should begin the cooling off period late Tuesday, September 15th.

If you’re as unfortunate as this author and do not have A/C, you can also put a fan facing into a bucket of ice to mimic the effects of a “swamp cooler”.  In ideal conditions, swamp coolers can drop the temperature by up to 35 degrees.  For the truly adventurous, you can build an even more effective swamp cooler using instructions found online.



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