Blue Whale, photo by Velvet Park
Blue Whale, photo by Velvet Park

Blue Whales Are Back– and In Force!

Huge numbers for blue whales sightings recently, with the warm waters of the coming El Nino pushing them up from their normal habitats.  Combined local counts in the last week (8/31 – 9/5) show: 10 blue whales, 3 Fin Whales, many thousands of common dolphin and a few dozen bottlenose dolphin spotted off Newport’s coast alone.

These numbers suggest that there there are as many blue whales living off our coast as there were before humans hunted them to near-extinction, 110 years ago.

You can schedule a trip with Newport Whales (949.675.0551) or Davey’s Locker (949.673.1435). Both leave from Balboa Peninsula just outside of the Fun Zone area.

Davey’s Locker Fish Count
Newport Whales Fish Count
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