Emergency Sirens on Balboa Peninsula
Emergency Sirens on Balboa Peninsula

Newport Beach Tsunami Alarm Test

Newport has a set of three sirens on Balboa Peninsula, primarily designed for tsunami warnings– but can be activated for any major situation. The sirens are located as the image shows: The Wedge, by 15th and Bay, and West Newport by 60th & Seashore.

The first Friday of each month (that’s today!) a test is conducted at noon. If you hear the sirens outside of this timeframe, put your TV on Channel 3 and/or your radio to 107.9FM to hear details on evacuation procedures or threat assessment.

We also highly recommend getting involved in your local CERT organization to be sure you are prepared for a disaster. As this author has done rescue and rebuilding operations in both Miami and Louisiana after Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, I can attest that normal food, water, gasoline, and electric supplies are completely shut off after a disaster. For the sake of friends, family, and neighbors: Please, be prepared.

If you’d like more information on getting involved in your local CERT organization, please, send us a note and we will get you in touch with the group in Newport that is most local to you.



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