Photo credit to Allen Schaben, of Newporter Bobby Okvist
Photo credit to Allen Schaben, of Newporter Bobby Okvist


We will likely see over 25 foot waves at the Wedge from WED-FRI, thanks to Hurricane Marie being just 800 miles off our coast. Will this mean tubes?

Not counting the “double stacked” waves at the Wedge, our other beaches will be seeing waves from 7 to 10 feet along south-facing beaches starting Wednesday, with occasional sets of 12 to 18 feet.

We will see some rapid buildup today, but the biggest impact will be tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow’s high tides are at both 10:53 AM PDT and 10:46 PM PDT, but it is nearly certain to have big waves all day. (Today’s high tides will be about 30m earlier)

BEWARE: There will be very intense rip currents on these days, so please remain safe!

Photo credit to Allen Schaben, showing Newporter Bobby Okvist as a human rocket.



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