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A Different Type of “Red Tide”

We haven’t seen THIS volume of tuna crab wash up on shore since the late 70s. While unusually warm weather and high tides can bring these critters up– and even in droves– to see them carpet the beach with this kind of coverage is extremely rare.  Most tuna crab are dead or dying after the tides left them stranded on …

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Staff Countermands Council in Fire Ring Submission

Family by the Fire Rings, photo credit unknown

On Thursday, the California Coastal Commission reviewed “Plan 17” that was presented by the City of Newport Beach. This plan included 64 rings– 32 of them containing fire, and 32 containing charcoal. Four of the new rings will be added on the Back Bay, leaving the oceanfront with 28, rather than the 60 we had just a few years ago. …

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We Just Broke 3,750 Subscribers! THANK YOU!

SaveNewport 3,750+

Less than one month after hitting 3500 Facebook subscribers, we have now exceeded 3,750.  The momentum is growing, and I could not be more excited about it!  Our local government is the one that has the most immediate affect on our lives, and being involved here really and truly makes a difference. When I started getting involved with local politics, I didn’t …

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Balboa Island Parade SUNDAY at 11am

Balboa Island Parade 2015

This Sunday, June the 7th at 11am, the 22nd Annual Balboa Island Parade will take place.   This parade features a spirit of America like no other, and honors local business people, social groups, and elected officials. The parade is about 2.5 miles long and marches on about a half-mile of road, making it the most feature-packed parade per-square-mile in America.  The parade takes …

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D-Day, 71 years ago today


Today, 71 years ago, the United States and our allies joined forces for the Normandy Landings, code named Operation Neptune.  This operation was the largest seaborne invasion in the history of the world, resulting in five allied beachheads being established in Normandy. Newport Beach was also a major contributor to the war effort. Many of our docks and shipbuilders were used to …

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Video Footage of Newport’s 1939 Hurricane

Balboa Hurricane

Did you know that an ocean cyclone touched down right here in SoCal? In 1939– an El Nino year– a hurricane-turned-tropical-storm touched down in Long Beach, sending waves throughout Southern California so strong that it actually destroyed the Newport Pier, washing away an entire 500 foot stretch of the 1050 ft structure. Cool fact: Handrails were added sometime in the 1980s– pretty recent! …

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Dixon Dupes Residents on Crime Stats… Again

Bad Math

Last night, newly elected councilwoman Diane Dixon sent out a Wildly Misleading Letter to her mass email list.  This email contained all kinds of deceiving information on crime. There are two major claims in the letter, but there is also an underlying deception that I will clear up afterwards.  Let’s take care of the two headlining dubious claims, first: 1) CLAIM: “Area …

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Rare Oarfish found on Catalina Island

Oarfish - Stock Photo Catalina 2013

Monday morning, at least one Oarfish measuring at least 15 feet washed ashore to Catalina Island. Reports of a second, 17-foot long Oarfish have widely circulated but are yet unconfirmed and may be a case of misreporting on the same fish. Oarfish are incredibly rare and are said to beach themselves only before large seismic events. Several recent large earthquakes …

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Dixon Pens Bizarre Letter to Daily Pilot

Dixon Budget

Newly elected Newport Beach councilwoman Diane Dixon wrote commentary for the Daily Pilot explaining that nobody actually knew what was inside the $282 million budget which increased taxes, increased expenses, and increased public employee unions– but defended that she passed it anyway, saying that council can fix it and amend it later on through the budget-amendment process, rather than fulfilling the seemingly-arduous …

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Construction Crews Destroy Nesting, Despite Felonies

bird habitat destroyed

On Thursday morning, construction crews demolished an iconic tree on Balboa Peninsula Point.  This tree was not only beloved by neighbors, but also had several species of federally protected birds nesting in it, and two types of herons, covered under the Federal Migratory Bird Act (which basically says you can’t mess with migratory bird habitats). A woman stood under the …

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