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Ben Carlson Lifeguard Headquarters

Ben Carlson Lifeguard Headquarters

Join us tonight, at the Newport Beach City Hall for the dedication and renaming of our Newport Beach Lifeguard Headquarters to “Benjamin M. Carlson Lifeguard Headquarters”. This is something we can all be excited about, and is great way to honor Ben even before the statue comes in his honor.  If you decide to speak tomorrow to thank the council, please remember to thank …

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Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day

Yesterday the Marines may have gotten their day, but today is dedicated to all veterans.  In fact, if you are a vet, many companies would like to honor you on this day dedicated to you and your service.  Here are a few nationally recognized names, and their attempt at giving back: • Get a free haircut. Veterans who visit Great …

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Newport Votes: WE WON!


What an amazing night. Let’s start with the two “big ones”: Duffy is known around Newport for his boats.  When he was a kid, he did what others said couldn’t be done: He powered his boat with an electric motor.  Well, our beloved Duffy has pulled off the impossible yet again, and has managed to resoundingly defeat a sitting mayor. Rush Hill was defeated …

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Endorsements Are In!

Endorsements are in!

After much careful thought and investigation, please find the list of our endorsements, attached:   Quick endorsement list for printing: COUNCIL: [why?] Duffy Duffield Roy Englebricht MEASURE Y: “NO”. [why? 1] [why? 2] WATER (depending on your district): [why?] Shawn Dewane or Steve Sheldon ASSEMBLY [why?] Matt Harper ASSESSOR Claude Parish COUNTY SUPERVISOR Michelle Steel CONGRESS Dana Rohrabacher —— DETAILS: NEWPORT …

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Today is the last day to register to vote. Do it online, here.

Your Vote Counts

Today– Monday the 20th– is the final day to register to vote for 2014’s election.  You can do it online by clicking right here.  There is no cost to do so, it only takes about 90 seconds, and if you aren’t already registered, there is literally no reason not to do it right this second. This is a historic election period in Newport, …

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EXCLUSIVE: Candidate Views (summary)

Photo of boat inventor and council candidate, Duffy Duffield

EXCLUSIVE: You asked for it, and you got it. Here is a cross-section of all council candidates views on the four huge issues this election cycle. Don’t fret: Have any other burning questions that are bothering you? Ask it in the section below, and we’ll compile a new list with the most popular questions! Until then, please enjoy this grid containing …

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Audit City Hall: 5 of 8 candidates on-board

Newport Beach City Hall and Bunnies, photo by Mike Glenn

BREAKING: 5 of 8 candidates now support auditing Newport’s city hall project. As questionable spending is revealed in cities like Irvine throughout the county– and now the county itself– the cries for auditing Newport Beach’s own city hall are becoming louder and more clear. We think that the largest-ever-expenditure begs for an audit simply because of its size– and we …

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El Nino Coming; NOAA Confirmed

Flood Zone in Newport

UPDATE @1:05pm: NOAA has updated to say that they believe the El Nino will be a weak one. BREAKING: Just 30 minutes ago, NOAA officially confirmed that an El Nino was a very likely event.  They expect it to begin in 1-2 months and last into the Spring of 2015. What’s that mean for us in Newport?  A winter filled with weirdness. …

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“Measure Y”: Newport’s Great Deception

Measure Y: Ballot Deception

Most all of current council have endorsed Measure Y– with the headlining person being current councilman Keith Curry.  If that’s not enough alone to make you vote against it, then let me tell you exactly how they are attempting to bilk the public on this measure, yet again: Measure Y was written by the City Attorney’s office (who also wrote the “unbiased opinion” on …

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Measure Y is both Big Government and Bad Government

Vote No on Y

“We’ve got to pass the bill to know what’s in it”– this is the call from nearly all of the Newport Council candidates when you ask them about Measure Y. I asked the question to candidates: “Have you read Measure Y?”  All but two said they have not.  Yet every single one of them has formed an opinion on it.  How? …

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