Council Approves Proposal Resembling a “Police State” in Balboa

One of the items in Tuesday’s City Council meeting was whether or not to add more police to Newport Beach’s Balboa Peninsula, which councilwoman Dixon has repeatedly referred to as having a  “crime problem”.  This is part of Dixon’s “Lights Out” proposal, and 1,746 signatures were submitted to show public disapproval.  All were summarily ignored by council. First, let’s start with the police …

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“Taste of Balboa” for the N2E Race Kickoff TODAY

A “Taste of Balboa” event will be held as part of the Newport to Enscenda annual sail race.  Located in the parking lot where Balboa Market used to be (on the corner of Palm and Balboa Blvd), this event is always a fun-filled and kid-friendly event.  Establishments new and old from all over the peninsula will be represented in their corresponding booths, …

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Lengthy Cracks in Road Less than 24hrs After “Completion”

Those of us who have poured concrete more than once in our lives know that there are a number of things you need to get right while doing the job.  The most obvious is smoothing, but you also need to make sure that it doesn’t dry too quickly, that the mix is correct, that it is deep enough to support the …

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Newport Official Under Investigation for Corruption

Bribery and Corruption

At least one Newport Official is now facing the music in regards to his questionable behavior and missing contribution reports with the Newport Beach City Hall project.  The original City Hall project was set to cost $46m in cash, but ballooned to over a quarter-billion dollars by the time city officials were done with it. The project not only resembles an …

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Bribery Investigation Likely in City Hall Scandal

Do you remember when people called us crazy when we called for an audit of City Hall, the project that ballooned from a $46m cash project to a quarter-billion-dollar debacle, saying that corruption was unlikely and that this would just be a waste of money? Dixon promised an audit, but instead just asked the city to review themselves.  Unsurprisingly, the …

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Council Voting to “Over-Police” Balboa Peninsula TONIGHT

After upsetting the entire community with the original “Lights Out at 11pm” proposal, Dixon has decided that it is better to execute her will through increased police force, and is now attempting to hire on additional police units to patrol the area which is already very well covered by police. This idea is purely illogical for the following reasons: 1) Balboa has …

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Surfers of All Sorts: Blackball Meeting is TONIGHT!

Balboa's Wedge, photo credit unknown

SHARE this with your friends who are wave-riders!  The debate on Blackball is once again on the city’ agenda– tonight!  Whether you like Blackball or want to see the times decreased, increased, or the flags removed completely– this is your time to talk.  Show up and discuss safety, fair use, or whatever other aspects you feel are pertinent to your arguments. Public comments will be …

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Banzai Bowls Hits Newport Due to Popular Demand


Banzai Bowls hits Newport due to popular demand.  With its grand opening TODAY, Banzai Bowls kicks off a great start on Balboa Peninsula, at 114 22nd St, Newport Beach, CA, 92661.  This store is built with an awesome wood storefront.  The amount of blenders that I saw on-hand during my sneak-peak was mind-blowing: … and they said that’s only half of …

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RECIPE: Deviled Egg Easter Peeps

Deviled Egg Easter Peeps

Looking for a fun way to snack this weekend? This twist on the classic Deviled Eggs will produce the cutest egg peeps ever. First, you will need – 6 eggs – 1/4 cup mayonnaise – 1 teaspoon white vinegar – 1 teaspoon yellow mustard – 1/8 teaspoon salt – Freshly ground black pepper – Smoked Spanish paprika and small slices …

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Lunar Eclipse: TONIGHT!

Lunar Eclipse

On April 4, 2015, there will be a total lunar eclipse.  Due to our position on the globe, we will see about 98% of a total lunar eclipse, with just a piece of the moon remaining lit. This eclipse can be seen from Newport Beach in the following times: Begins: Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 2:03 AM Maximum: Sat, Apr 4, 2015 …

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